Avoiding sheep and cattle

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Avoiding sheep and cattle
10 augustus 2018 10:39


I am new to walking and walk highlands and looking for some advice. I am an older walker (wrong side of 50) so don't expect to be climbing any mountains just yet and happy to tackle easy walks and some corbetts before I attempt anything more advanced. I have 2 very active dogs who love walking with me, a springer and a collie, and they have completed a few walking routes which I found on walk highlands. To date it hasn't been an issue but I am wary of coming across sheep or cattle who they are not used to and may chase. Can anyone tell me if there is a rule of thumb I should use to avoid coming into contact with sheep or cattle or where I can find out this information?

Please help.

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Re: Avoiding sheep and cattle
26 januari 2019 06:16

Sometimes people need advice and they choose the forums to perform this duty. In this regard there is an ease by reviews so that people can be educated about their problems.

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Re: Avoiding sheep and cattle
11 februari 2019 08:15

This type of forums are helps everyone to know about some things. I am also think to make blog about academized in this site and share my knowledge for the students.


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