Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?

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Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?
10 augustus 2018 10:33


Two days ago my cable modem/internet connection stopped working, it worked for months beforeThis is the setup. Cable from the wall goes to a splitter, which splits it to one cable to the cable modem and one cable to the TV.If I connect the cable modem directly to the wall, it works.If I connect the cable modem to splitter, it doesn't work, but the TV does (which is also connected to splitter).I tried another splitter, and get the same reaction - TV works, modem doesn't.My only theory is that the signal isn't strong enough for some reason (some amplifier broken on the way to my place or the freezing cold lately outside?) for the cable internet/modem connection to work through a splitter. If i use the splitter and don't connect a TV to it, it still doesn't work.What do you guys think?

Please help.


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Re: Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?
05 oktober 2018 12:42

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Re: Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?
18 oktober 2018 12:57

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Re: Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?
01 januari 2019 07:25

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Re: Cable Modem, Cable TV splitter Problem?
12 februari 2019 20:12

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